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Kanag Cleaning

Kanag is a name you can trust for affordable, thorough cleaning and housekeeping services in Perrysburg and surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio. Our dedicated team specializes in:

  • Residential Housekeeping (One-Time and Recurring)
  • Small Offices Cleaning
  • After Construction Home Cleaning
  • Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Our Cleaning Services

No matter your needs, we have a variety of cleaning and housekeeping services, each customized to your space to get that fresh, new look and smell. Have a unique cleaning request? Just ask us! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Residential - Project Cleaning

Sometimes you just need a one-time, location-specific clean to refresh a room so it can serve its purpose. Get your basement, garage, attic or other space sorted and organized with our flexible, specialty cleaning service.

Residential - Recurring Basic Cleaning

Whether weekly or monthly, we’ll complete a recurring basic clean, which covers kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom spaces. Services include dusting fans, fixtures, blinds, woodwork, baseboards, lampshades, pictures and furniture; vacuuming floors and furniture; cleaning sinks, counters, fixtures, showers and appliances; cleaning mirrors and windows; and much more!

Residential - Deep Cleaning

First-time or one-time cleaning that goes beyond a basic clean. We focus on every detail — everything from hand-washing baseboards to scrubbing shower tiles, from washing ceiling fans to hand-wiping knick-knacks and pictures. As good as new!

Residential - After Construction Cleaning

Once the dust settles after the latest home construction project, you need to get the room back in functioning order. We’ll restore your space, cleaning, sanitizing and organizing it quickly so you can get back to living.

Residential - Move In / Move Out

When you’re selling your old home or buying a new one, the home needs to be restored to brand-new before someone moves in. We focus on removing the buildup that lived-in houses have, with services including our basic cleaning routine, plus key elements of our deep cleaning process.

Commercial - Small Office

A happy workplace is a healthy one. Don’t spend precious time cleaning your office yourself. Kanag Cleaning will complete all your needed janitorial services for your small office or workspace, so you can focus on running your business.

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